Where are some people’s heads at?

Mick Philpott is serving life for the manslaughter of six of his seventeen children died in a house fire that he started. He had apparently not meant to kill anyone but was trying to secure welfare benefit payments.

According to The Sun newspaper, he is receiving mail from female admirers, some of whom include racy snaps of themselves in order to get his attention. The report claims he is deciding which mail he will reply to. Should the authorities allow him to be entertained by the results of such a despicable crime? He’s there to be rehabilitated and to be punished – not to read fan mail and look at saucy photos.

Where’s the maternal instinct of these women? What on earth are they looking to get out of it? I can understand morbid fascination but to do something about it, to engage the person is taking it a step too far. Some people have sent him money. This man was branded “disturbingly dangerous” by the court, following his conviction. Are they looking for infamy of their own but with the knowledge that the prison walls form a convenient barrier to a real meeting – or at least a meeting without prison guards present?

I would hope, at the age of 56 years, he will never be allowed out to meet anyone who has sent him such a communication but I would suggest extreme caution to these women. The way the courts operate, he’ll be out by Christmas and coming around for some turkey, looking to make some more children – and to him, a child is a benefit voucher.